The learning from the past two years of the pandemic has strengthened the view that placing the humanity of education at the centre is a crucial message for Scottish education at all sectors and stages.  This year’s theme for the Scottish Learning Festival 2022 is:

Being Me, Being Us: Placing learners at the heart of Scottish Education

This theme puts learners at the heart of Scottish Education and reflects The United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC), the national model for professional learning and also the themes of Ken Muir’s recent reform report ‘Placing Learners at the Centre’ and the OECD 2030 report.

The ‘Being Me’ element links to the Education Scotland and Scottish Government publication, Realising the Ambition: Being Me. (PDF - opens in new window) The theme champions learner-centred pedagogy and the importance of meeting learners’ developmental needs over time; highlighting that learners develop their individual skills, knowledge and attributes at different rates according to who they are. 

As we develop the programme for SLF 2022, this theme will be carefully embedded in all of the key notes, seminars and other activities.