Interactions, Experience and Spaces

Interactions, Experiences and Sp aces Project Graphic

We need to be confident that in promoting a happy, interesting and empowering learning environment, considering the interactions, experiences and spaces on offer, we as practitioners add value to what children [learners] already know and can do”

Realising the Ambition: Being Me, pg. 15.

Interactions, Experiences and Spaces project

The Interactions, Experiences and Spaces project aims to highlight grassroots professional practice and pedagogy by exploring: the interactions we have with learners, the learning and teaching experiences that take place and spaces in which these happen.

This will be done through pre-recorded, 5-10 minute ‘teach-meet’ style videos that any educator can submit.

Colleagues are encouraged to present a range of ideas such as:

  • something that worked well for them that they want to celebrate and share,
  • something that didn’t work well for them that they’ve learned from, or
  • something that they’re currently developing & want people’s advice and support with

These videos will then sit on the SLF 2022 webpage for educators to access at any time.

Before you submit your entry to the project please download and carefully read the guidance document

To submit your entry to the project please click the button below. Entries close on 12 September 2022.
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